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July 18, 2017 / guynewmanphotography

Photographing Jennie Bond at home was OK!

Former BBC Royal correspondent Jennie Bond at home in Devon.

The lovely former BBC Royal correspondent Jennie Bond who I photographed at home in South Devon for OK! magazine.

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July 10, 2017 / guynewmanphotography

Second use of pictures for second round of Exeter’s rare books up for adoption


I recently saw that Exeter Library’s Adopt a Book initiative has launched a second series of ancient books for adoption and have been able to use the pictures that I took for the original launch back in December 2016 of Joanne Cousins, Senior Supervisor at Exeter Library who launched the conservation programme.

Joanne is pictured here holding the only book from the old Exeter Library that survived the German bombing of the City in 1942 during WWII. The other book pictured laid open, is the oldest book in Exeter’s Special Collections Archive, an Incunable from 1480 by Nicolaus Panormitanus de Tudeschis.

The aim to conserve or restore some of the 6000 books in the Library’s Special Collection, so they can go out on public display once again.

My pictures proved popular, gaining Libraries Unlimited generous coverage in the regional media and a very good show in The Times which inspired someone to call up after seeing the story in there and make a substantial donation.

It’s no secret, good pictures will attract readers to your stories on or offline.

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June 29, 2017 / guynewmanphotography

Forgotten sunrise


Love it when someone asks for a picture I’d completely forgotten about – @EnvAgency & @ClintonDevon for their joint project  #photographer #pr #editorial#marketing #exeter #southwest #devon #budleighsalterton

June 28, 2017 / guynewmanphotography

Fourth generation business portrait

© Guy Newman.16.03.2017.  Dr Sally Basker,  CEO of Exeter Science Park.

Cavanna Homes, a proud family owned business commissioned PR agency @KOR_PR to publicise that two 4th generation family members were now working at the Devon home builder.

I was asked to produce a set of warm and friendly business portraits to go out with the press release.

As any photographer will tell you, taking pictures of people in Hi-Vis jackets is not easy. Because they are made to be highly reflective using any flash causes horrible reflections or highlights.

The glossy Devon Life have been sitting on the story for a couple of months but I was pleased to see it published in July’s 2017 edition.

For more examples of my work, go to

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June 27, 2017 / guynewmanphotography

The Lake District with a new toy

Tarn Hows-0318.Blog

I was really looking forward to visiting the Lake District for two reasons. Firstly, it was my first visit and secondly I was taking a recently purchased new toy – a Fujifilm X pro 2.

I’m no landscape photographer but I do enjoy snapping away when I’m out and about walking and I’d started to find carrying my ‘work’ camera a Nikon D810 all day on a trek a bit onerous, especially with the large fast lenses I use.

I found myself using my iPhone 6S, which was fun but didn’t deliver the quality I wanted. I’d been recommended to the Fuji by fellow photographer and when I read the reviews, what caught my attention was the number of other photographers who’d bought the Fuji as a second camera to use when ‘off duty’ and how much fun they were to use.

For starters I purchased the 23mm F2  and 56mm F1.2 lenses – I’ll wait and see if I need a wider option.

So packed in a new little Domke bag that I could attach to my rucksack belt, I set off for the Lakes with my new camera.

The picture above was taken on my first day there on a visit to  Described to me as follows ‘ if you only have a day in the Lakes, go to Tarn Hows as it’s the Lakes in miniature’.

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August 19, 2015 / guynewmanphotography

PR photograph of Coastal Scientists makes p.3 of the Western Morning News

PR photograph of Coastal Scientists makes p.3 of the Western Morning News

I do like to be by the sea but the tide waits for no man and I was up against it shooting PR photographs and a PR film of the Coastal Monitoring team at work at West Bay in Dorset recently. #ExeterPRPhotographer #DevonPRPhotographer #Nikon810 Many thanks to @KOR_PR for a great day out!

July 29, 2015 / guynewmanphotography

PR photo for Mum & son buy house next door to each other in Devon


It was a great story for my client Cavanna Homes. They had recently sold a new house at the Fusion development in Paignton, Devon and the chap had loved it so much he convinced his Mum to buy the one next door but one. I wanted to shoot a PR photograph that illustrated the Press Release of course but was a little bit of fun. After a little bit of awkwardness holding hands in the middle of the road a got the reaction I wanted to make a memorable PR photograph that made really well in the Torquay property paper with a smaller ‘tease’ picture on the front too.

HE 29

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